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The FLATTE doors, are the commonly known Flatt doors. The Flatte door provides provides a clean and minimal look to your designs. It is offered in all finishes LUXE, ZENIT and SYNCRON with 18mm thickness.

The FLATTE doors are commonly known as Flatt doors, the smooth door provides a clean and minimalist look to your designs. It is offered in all LUXE, ZENIT and SYNCRON finishes with 18mm thickness and high resistance to abrasivity.


The Finger pull design gives an exquisite clean look to your Kitchen, wardrobe or vanities designs.


The FINGER PULL, is a “J” profile door with a color matching soft forming edge band. For a better ergonomics, the door is made in a thicker 22mm (7/8’’) which overall provides a very distinctive natural and modern effect.

The Finger pull collection is available in curated selection of designs in LUXE, ZENIT and SYNCRON.


The CAVA is our Shaker style door. Constructed with a 8mm center panel and 18mm rails, it is offered in ZENIT and SYNCRON finishes and a variety of formats: 5, 7 and 9 pieces.


The CAVA is the most suitable door for mixing both the traditional kitchen style, and the most modern technologies. The CAVA doors are already finished and don’t need painting. With the CAVA you can provide high end traditional solutions with a record improvement in costs, delivery time and execution timings.


High Gloss Finish with a Mirror Effect Luxe Cabinet Doors


Supermatt Finish with silky touch


Deep texture and natural finish