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Kitchen Iberica

KITCHEN IBERICA, is a company, with more than 10 years of experience in Europe in the design and installation of kitchens, has the mission of working in the creation and manufacture of a kitchen specifically adapted to your tastes and needs, thus achieving a modern, practical and functional space, to turn it into a pleasant and familiar meeting point that complements your lifestyle.

Also for being direct manufacturers, we offer each piece of furniture to your specifications, achieving an exclusive project, which in turn ensures an optimal price-quality ratio.

Due to our experience, we can guide and help you in the evolution of your project and personalized design, enjoying together the creation of each idea from the initial phase of proposals to the conclusion of the last detail, including also the delivery and installation by our experts

We skillfully combine form, style and function, mixing textures, colors and finishes to transform a simple room into a useful and welcoming space. All our kitchens are manufactured and assembled in our facilities for verification by our operators and our customers before their installation in the home, thus ensuring an optimal result for both parties.

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